Origami is a design practice that extends deep into Japan’s history and has made impact on design, brand and tech communities around the world.

The Origami Concept is produced by Taro Yaguchi, founder and origami artist at Taro’s Origami Studio, Brooklyn, NY.


Located in Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi, which boasts a 1000 year history of paper making, the Japanese paper (washi) maker ONAO and industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa have teamed together to create the SIWA series.Fukasawa discerned that the special texture of Naoron, a hard-to-tear paper developed by ONAO, emerged when the paper was crumpled, and suggested designs for everyday goods that harnessed this. The name SIWA is both a reversing of the characters in the word washi (wasi), and a word meaning, “crinkle” in Japanese.



Designed to accentuate food and drink, WASARA elevates compostable paper tableware to a whole new level, offering the best in Japanese hospitality. WASARA tableware fits comfortably in the hand, with an elegant texture and sturdy quality unparalleled in the category. WASARA is as good to the earth as it is to your culinary creations.


The shape, made by warping the paper, resembles the technique of wetfolding in origami.


“Hug a Porcupine”

Founded in 2011 by 2 graphic designers, tucked away in an imaginary tree house.
Hug A Porcupine is inspired by symmetry, patterns, colors, geometric shapes and animals. Designed for the quirky and peculiar, Hug A Porcupine’s accessories are for the casual and everyday wear. It would be a great statement to add to an outfit, backpack, or hat!
Don’t be too surprised to find little elements of nostalgia in their designs as well, because the simplicity of childhood is something that the creators treasure dearly.