Israeli artist Ilan Garibi transforms the Japanese art of paper folding by using stainless steel in his collection for Talents Design. Invoking all the usual elements of origami save for one important factor – the paper – Garibi creates architectural sculptures out of a single sheet of stainless steel. The steel is first laser cut and then hand folded by Garibi and despite its construction from one flat plane – the result gives a solid impression. The mirrored surface of the steel reflects and refracts its surroundings which – in the case of the wall mounted pieces – lends itself to a cubist appearance.The use of origami in artworks is not an altogether new concept but Garibi’s reinterpretation gives the traditional art form renewed energy. Previous projects have seen Garibi translate paper structures into even more solid forms, like the concrete vases in the Palmas series. In a collaboration with industrial designer Ofir Zucker – the paper structures created by Garibi were used as moulds and then cast in concrete. Despite the weighty material, the resulting vases appear as light as their paper counterparts.Images courtesy of Ilan Garibi, Ofir Zucker and Talents

Source: Metal Origami by Ilan Garibi – News – Frameweb