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  • 3D Geometric Origami Modular Polyhedra

    This innovative book — among the first to combine the art of origami with making polyhedra-based models — shows paper crafters how to create over 60 different polyhedral from…

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  • 3D Origami Art*

    Easily Create Origami with Curved Folds and Surfaces

    Origami―making shapes only through folding―reveals a fascinating area of geometry woven with a variety of representations. The world of origami has progressed…

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  • A Constellation of Origami Polyhedra*

    In this fascinating guide for paper folders, origami expert John Montroll provides simple directions and clearly detailed diagrams for creating amazing polyhedral. Step-by-step instructions show how to create 34…

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  • Alice in Wonderland Origami*

    Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale comes to colorful new life in this beautifully illustrated storybook/craft guide combination. A modern retelling of Alice’s adventures is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions for folding…

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  • Amazing Origami Boxes

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  • Animal Origami for the Enthusiast

    The centuries-old art of origami — Japanese paper folding — produces remarkable paper creations that exhibit extraordinary realism and delicate beauty. Enthusiasts if this wonderful craft will welcome this…

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  • Birds in Origami

    With this expert guide from origami expert John Montroll, you can learn to fold charming versions of a flock of favorite birds: swan, flamingo, duck, stork, goose, and other…

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  • Christmas Origami

    With this handy how-to book, you can combine all the fun of paper folding with the satisfaction of creating your own Christmas decorations. Clear directions and detailed diagrams show…

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  • Christmas Origami Kit 2

    Celebrate the season with the art of origami! This all-in-one kit will show you how to make an angel, a Christmas tree, a dove, a gift box, a snowflake,…

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  • Christmas Treats

    Origami Christmas Treats opens the Origami Holiday Series by the Oriland authors and shows you how to create wondrous origami decorations that will make perfect Christmas Treats for Christmas Trees!

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  • Classic Polyhedra Origami

    These step-by-step instructions and two-color diagrams show the beginning and experienced paper folders how to create 33 variations on the geometric forms known as polyhedra. Origami master John Montroll presents a variety…

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  • Creating Lovely Paper-Flower Dolls

    With full-color and black-and-white photographs, diagrams, and detailed instructions, the authors show readers how to create charming, 3-dimensional figures by combining individual, petal-shaped folded paper pieces. Here are clowns,…

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