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  • “Kusudama Origami” Book + Large Kami Paper Combo

    Discover kusudama, a traditional Japanese paper sphere formed by modular origami construction techniques. Kusudama, meaning “medicine ball,” originally served as holders for incense or potpourri. Today they’re used as…

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  • Easy Origami + Origami Paper Combo

    At Taro’s Origami Studio, all of our students start with this book. Easy Origami by John Montroll is a great collection of 32 simple models, clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow…

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  • Origami Animals Book + Large Origami Paper Combo

    Origami Animals by Vincente Palacios is a wonderful way to expand your origami abilities.  This book of 20 mid-level models will help you build on the simple steps of…

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  • Standard 6 inch 65 Sheet and Easy Christmas Origami Book Combo

    Looking for a fun way to spend the holidays at home? This origami guide — complete with clearly illustrated diagrams and simple directions — makes it easy to add…

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  • Standard 9.5 Inch 50 Colors 60 Sheet and Origami Worldwide Book Combo

    An intriguing mix of styles from around the world, this guide for origami folders features models that originated in Australia, Hungary, Bolivia, China, and India. Figures range from simple…

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