[Taro’s Origami Studio] TANT Large 10 Inch (25 cm) Double Sided Single Color (Navy) 20 Sheets (All Same Color) for Origami Artist from Beginner to Expert (Made in Japan)


  • – About 80 GSM weight, this incredibly versatile paper is stiff, yet thin enough for origami, and has a delicately textured surface. This paper is prized for origami folding and is famous in Japan.
  • – If you wish to display your origami work to others, we recommend using Tant paper. This paper has a beautiful dent (uneven pattern) texture and a beautiful sheen on the surface.
  • – The meaning of the term Tant is “a lot,” which means an abundance of color. Tant paper has become famous in the Japanese origami world because it is a dyed fiber paper that does not break even after repeated creases and can keep a beautiful surface texture. Tant paper is made by Hokuetsu Paper Mill Company and is only made in Japan. The paper is thicker than the standard and has about 70-80 gsm.
  • – If the standard origami is a not-so-expensive paper for practice, then the tant paper will be positioned as an exhibition paper for the main event. In other words, tant paper is more expensive compared to standard origami. However, tanto paper will upgrade the look of your origami creations.
  • – 10 inch x 10 inch / 25 cm x 25 cm, double-sided, all same color, 20 Sheets, Made in Japan.

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Taro’s Origami Studio – Tant Origami Paper has been curated specifically by Taro’s Origami Studio teachers and artists and is based on countless hours of folding experience. It is and always will be made in Japan, and its authentic quality and exacting dimensions have been ensured with countless folds, creases, squashes, and crimps. This traditionally made Japanese paper is the same color on both sides and comes in a wide variety of shades. This size of tant paper is perfect for more complex models like dinosaurs, animals, or birds. Tant paper doesn’t fade over time, works very well with wet-folding, and is also slightly translucent which is perfect for tessellations.

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